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Love At First Taste.

Lux’s patent-pending magnetic induction core brings you the best-tasting vapor ever. How is that possible? It's all in how Magnetic Induction Heating works. It's Fast. It's Clean. It's Precise. It's the Bruce Lee of heating tech, only it uses actual magnetism.

Imagine the material you want to vaporize is a slice of bread, and your vaporizer is a toaster. Conduction vaporizers (i.e. every vaporizer you’ve ever seen, owned, or used until now) send an electrical current through a wire that invariably gets hotter than necessary and heats unevenly. This leads to charring and overheating entire portions of your “bread,” leaving other parts scarcely warmed, all so that some parts get toasted just the way you want it. Does that semi-charred, semi-okay, semi-raw outcome sound like a tasty slice of toast?

If you answered “yes,” then something horrible has happened to your taste buds, and we’re sorry we brought it up. But, if you answered “no,” you get the idea.

Unlike resistance coil vaporizers, Loto Lux uses magnetic waves at a distance to charge a heating element that sits within your material—it’s like having a toaster inside your bread, instead of the other way around. Lux’s heating element doesn’t need to achieve excessive temperatures to deliver vapor, or get so overcharged through use that it ultimately snaps. Rather, induction creates a golden, even, and, most importantly, delicious, slice of “toast” that’s just right, every time.

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” taught us early on that nothing compares to having things heated “just right.” Sure, the titular character’s B&E ways led to her getting mauled by bears. Or something like that… We forget. The point is, Goldilocks knew porridge. And, we know vaping. (We also have yet to meet a bear we didn’t see coming a mile away, let alone three. But, we digress.)

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The Best Vaporizer Available

The Most Advanced Vape Ever Made.

Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Induction Core Represents the Greatest Technological Breakthrough in Vaping in over a Decade.

While Prometheus was busy stealing fire from the gods, we were playing with magnets. And, good thing for vapers everywhere, because the outcome is nothing short of magnificent.

In fact, not since the advent of the atomizer in the early 2000s has there been an evolutionary leap in vaporization as significant or as important. While this hasn’t stopped vaporizer manufacturers from claiming to offer something “revolutionary,” or new and improved. Improved? Sure. Maybe. But, new? No. Definitely not. Revolutionary? Um, no.

Conduction Heating vaporizers offer the same tech, just in slightly different packages. Maybe some occasional bells and whistles. Otherwise, tech in vaping has very much been at a standstill for years. You may have already noticed this woeful plateau yourself. We certainly did. In fact, we labored for years to develop a truly better way. And, we’re happy to say, we’ve done it. What is it? If you guessed pyrokinesis, you’re funny, and cool, and we like you. But, no. Actually, it’s Induction Heating.

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Best Portable Vape

Genius in Every Breath.

How you heat matters. We checked. Induction outperforms resistance heating across the board. Finally, it’s safe to say that resistance is futile.

Aromatic Blends, Concentrates, and E-Liquids

Vape Clean.
With Any Material.

Now vaporize all materials cleaner, faster, better. Seriously.

We know what you are probably thinking— “But, Loto Labs, there are tons of vaporizers claiming to be suitable for more than one material!” Yes, we know. But, as you are also likely aware, reality tends to be pretty disappointing, as performance of these products for one and/or another category of material is always severely lacking. This has been frustrating for many vape enthusiasts for years.

Loto Lux is truly different. Seriously. Given that Induction does not require contact with electrical components, Loto Lux heats all three categories of materials evenly to optimal temperatures, without surpassing the dreaded “combustion redline.” This is finally a vaporizer that performs awesomely in each category, achieving superior level of quality, speed, and/or efficiency with not just one, or even two, but all three categories of traditional vaporizer materials. Multi-material quality that Loto Lux delivers has never before been achieved (in our estimation at least). Try it and see if you aren’t surprised to discover that one vaporizer could yield such superior flavor across the board. Go ahead. We’ll wait…

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Best Smart Vape


Smart mobile control gives you superior power over every aspect of your vapor, ensuring the tastiest, most satisfying draw no matter where, when, or what you vape.

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Loto Lux


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