About Us

Loto Labs is a Silicon-Valley-based startup founded in 2014 with the mission of engineering the most advanced vaporizers in the world to relentlessly promote wellbeing and responsible satisfaction. Dedicated to continuous innovation, and guided by a deep understanding of its customers and community, Loto Labs leads the charge of technological progress in consumer vaporization, with numerous patents-pending, including but not limited to vaporization through electromagnetic induction heating—its first and most profound patent filing to date.

After running a successful crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the world’s first-ever induction heating vaporizer, Loto Labs has gone on to gain significant media attention, forge invaluable partnerships, and raise substantial investment through to its 2017 launch of the revolutionary handheld induction vaporizer, Loto Lux.

Loto Labs continues to work ceaselessly to earn its position as the preeminent vaporizer company in the world while doing its part to usher in a new generation of vaping. Through the creation of more products and platforms that are as unique on the inside as they are on the outside, Loto Labs is well on its way to changing the way the world vapes for good.

Our Silicon Valley startup story began in 2014 when vape enthusiast and entrepreneur Neeraj Bhardwaj teamed up with University of Cambridge alumnus and talented physicist, Dr. Andrew Bleloch to usher in a new generation of vaping. Together, they founded Loto Labs, and crowdfunded the world’s first-ever induction vaporizer Evoke (later named Lux), exceeding our fundraising target by 312%, raising approximately $225,000. 

Over the next two years, we built Lux, fulfilled entirely our crowdfunding pledge, and went on to invent Legend—a revolutionary dab rig powered by electromagnetic induction heating, that’s both safe and easy-to-use. Legend was designed and manufactured in the USA and built from the ground up using the highest quality industrial design and space-age materials.

4 years after our initial filing, our induction patent was granted both nationally and in most major vape markets in the world. This led us to our current focus on R&D. We needed to miniaturize our technology — provide the power, speed, and safety of Legend — in the palm of our hands. So we switched our focus from building and selling — we beefed up our engineering and science teams — and intently focused on miniaturization, temperature control, and producing empirical data on our output vapor that would show induction is best in class. 

Today we continue to innovate, developing new methods for vaping and temperature control, and proving that induction technology is truly safer, cleaner and the superior vaporization platform of the future.