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You asked. We listened. We designed a completely new quartz nail from the ground up.

We teamed up with JM Glass Co. to bring you the best, handmade quartz available. This thing turns your Legend up to another level. It produces the smoothest, most flavorful hits.

Made in USA.



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Place your dab of concentrate directly on quartz glass. Since quartz is not conductive, it heats up slower and makes it is easier to get that temperature exactly right for the smoothest, most flavorful dabs. If you thought Legend was amazing before, prepare for your mind to be blown. *Q-tip after EVERY HIT to ensure the quartz stays fresh and clean.

There is still a magnetic nail (susceptor), but it is on the outside of the quartz glass. So the susceptor heats up the quartz, and you place your concentrate directly on the quartz instead of on the susceptor.


Not 6 seconds fast, but 12 seconds fast. Since you are not dabbing directly on the susceptor, the quartz glass takes slightly longer to heat up. It’s still the fastest dab available because of our patented magnetic induction technology. Note: Be sure to get the Accessory Stand so you can cool the nail down quickly after each use.

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  1. John Whittaker

    Thank god they made this. I’m so glad I got this before they sold out!

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