April Update


Lots of exciting things have been taking place at Loto Labs over the last month. We wanted to provide you with a quick update on our progress.

  • Loto Labs Pre-Orders Now Available at EvokeVape.com
  • Expected Ship Date and Mouthpiece Re-Design
  • What exactly will I be receiving with my Indiegogo order?
  • New Loto Labs Spec Sheet Shows Loto Labs’ Production Features


Loto Labs Prototypes Debut in Denver 4/18-4/20

We are super excited to announce that we demonstrated Loto Labs from 4/18 to 4/20 at the trade convention in Denver. We showed off the Loto Labs to as many people as possible, running our prototypes almost non-stop for 3 days straight. It was amazing to receive immediate feedback from a big group of people. A very special thank you to those original Indiegogo Supporters who took time to swing by the booth and say hello – you know who you are – and we appreciated having our supportive community get involved!

Check out INC. magazine’s coverage of Loto Labs on their 4/20 slide show here.

Loto Labs Presales Now Up and Running!

With Loto Labs prototypes now available for trial, we have initiated limited presale of our first limited production run of 5000 units (2500 of which are already reserved for our founding Indiegogo supporters). Presale orders are being taken through Indiegogo’s InDemand service at www.EvokeVape.com and we currently have an exclusive April offer of only $299 per unit. You can check it out at and share it with your friends so they can take advantage of this discounted rate.

** Our initial Indiegogo supporters will receive the first Loto Labs. No preorders through InDemand will be filled until all of our initial Indiegogo supporters have received their order **

Expected Ship Date

Our current fulfillment date has been moved to August/September, due to a mouthpiece re-design. We know everyone is anxious to get their unit, and we are anxious to send them to you – but we want Loto Labs to be a truly quality product. After receiving and testing our prototypes, we realized the mouthpiece needed a re-design. Despite the pain of pushing back our shipping date again, we believe that most of our supporters would rather wait just a little bit longer, and get the best product possible.


What Exactly Will I Be Receiving? Can I change my order?

We’ve been getting a lot of Indiegogo inquiries about what exactly is coming in the package. Although Loto Labs will be compatible with all 3 materials, Indiegogo supporters will receive the one induction core they indicated on their initial order. They will also receive 3 wicks and 3 capsules that complement the core. For instance, if you choose the aromatic blends version, you will get the Loto Labs unit, the aromatic blends induction core + 3 aromatic blend capsules and 3 dry herb wicks. Batteries, chargers and accessories will be sold separately.

We hope our supporters understand that the batteries and chargers are expensive, and the $99 rate we charged our initial supporters will already be a 75% discount from our retail price. Furthermore, many of you may choose to purchase your batteries and charger from a local retailer or online at the lowest possible price, rather than purchasing these items directly from us. As a startup, still yet to bring our first product to market, it is simply not financially feasible for us to provide these items for all 2,500 initial units.

We will be contacting all Indiegogo supporters in order to verify shipping information prior to our August/September fulfillment. At this time, if you would like, you can switch from E-liquid to Loose Leaf, or add additional induction coils to your order.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to hello@lotolabs.com and we will do our best to answer them.

Loto Labs Spec Sheet

We’ve created an Loto Labs specification sheet to show the components of Loto Labs and related features and benefits. You can check it out here.