April Update Continued

There have been a lot of legitimate complaints from our original Indiegogo supporters about Loto Labs not including batteries.  

We wish that we could ship our original Indiegogo supporters a full battery setup. The fact is, staying true to our vision of making the best vaporizer we can, and not compromising on quality, makes for a really expensive vaporizer.

The whole Loto Labs team felt that they would rather receive a better unit without batteries than an inferior unit with batteries. We hope that you feel the same way. 

The Loto Labs uses a common battery size, 18650. We designed Loto Labs so that the battery could easily be swapped out, so that you would never have to plug Loto Labs into a wall to use it. Many vapers already have these batteries. We recommend using Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4).

We’ve also had some questions about the wick Loto Labs uses. Loto Labs’s wick operates in a different way than a traditional vaporizer. Loto Labs’s wicks are metal and reusable. They are not attached to the vaporizer, and are easy to pop out, clean and reuse. Three wicks and the three glass capsules that hold them are included in every Loto Labs package and our intention is that you won’t have to purchase more. It is possible to break the glass capsules so we want to make them available in the event people need more. To date, in all of our testing, we’ve only had one break, because Gabe our VP of Design, dropped it on the floor and accidentally stepped on it.

We’re working on making videos demonstrating Loto Labs in use, which will hopefully answer a lot of other questions.

Please understand that Evoke is a very expensive unit to make. Each Evoke costs much more to manufacture than our original Indiegogo supporters paid for them. We expect the final retail price to be over $400, which, even with the cost of the batteries, still results in a substantial savings for our initial supporters.

Without our Indiegogo supporters we would not be where we are today, but ultimately we believe that making the best product possible is the most important thing and we hope you will stand with us.

Finally, it may have been hard to find our part of the Inc. Magazine Slideshow. Here is a link that will take you directly there: http://www.inc.com/will-yakowicz/ss/9-blazing-hot-marijuana-startups.html

Kind Regards,
The Loto Labs Team