As 2017 Comes to a Close…

Happy Holidays to all our friends and loyal supporters. We hope 2017 was an amazing year for you all.

For many, including us here at Loto Labs, it’s been a roller coaster ride, full of surprises and changes. We had to keep many of you waiting while we worked out a number of time-consuming issues in manufacturing, and we’re very sorry it’s taken so long. While nothing would have been nicer for us as a company than to have had the Lux ready the holidays, things just weren’t there yet.

Fortunately, we’ve tackled all manufacturing issues. The Lux’s mechanical redesign was well-worth it.  The mouthpiece is vastly improved, as is the magnetic fitment. After tweaks to the metal body design, which were finalized and approved in early December, hundreds of units have now being poured and casted, in prep to arrive at their new homes in a few weeks.

Thankfully, we can end this year with the certainty of knowing the Loto Lux is mass manufacturable, and with a number of happy customers and supporters having already received their special units as we lead up to mass shipping.

Despite all the obstacles and headaches, the year is ending on a high note for our team. We’re humbled by the experiences of the past few months, but take solace in knowing that hundreds of customers, fans, and supporters will be starting 2018 with the incomparable Loto Lux in their arsenals.

The Loto Lux in its natural habit

We will have an epic update ready for you at the end of January. It’s all coming together…

For now, please enjoy your holiday and New Year’s celebrations, wherever you are. And, please be safe. We’ll be seeing you in 2018.

Peace, Love, and Vaping,

Loto Labs