August Update

Dear Founding Supporters,

 It’s update time again!

  1. Newest Prototype

Our 5th generation prototype has arrived and it looks beautiful. New features include: our logo on the battery cover, darker colored metal body, new valve and mouthpiece, upgraded connectors and protection circuitry. Check out the sleek pictures below!

  1. Valve Re-design Progress

We’ve been testing the new valve and mouthpiece extensively. The valve is entirely leak-proof, addressing one of the major criteria of the re-design. The airflow needs further optimization, however, and we are working hard tweaking the air-path to give the perfect puff. As soon as these final adjustments are done, we can begin production of the final ceramic mouthpieces and valves.

  1. Timeline

When we finalize the valve (what we are working on now every day), we need 6 weeks to get the tooling for the final ceramic mouthpieces. Upon receipt of the ceramic mouthpieces we will officially have our Trial 1 production prototype or (T1). Then we will make and send out test units (T2) for a final round of feedback and adjustments before going into full production.  

We are moving ever closer to manufacturing and fulfillment and our team is 100% committed to bringing Loto Labs to our supporters as soon as possible.

  1. High Times Coverage

Loto Labs has been featured in October’s High Times Magazine (available now), in the ‘Hot Products’ section, page 44. Check it out at a newsstand near you!

We couldn’t have done this without the continued support of our fans and advisors and we are eternally grateful to you. As soon as we get our T1 prototypes in, we will send out an update, and reach out to reviewers and testers. Until then, peace, love and vaping.

Loto Labs