Halloween Update

“It’s called Hardware, not ‘Easyware’,” said a brilliant person who learned this the hard way.

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Neeraj - Loto Labs

Neeraj Bhardwaj, President of Loto Labs, discusses crowdfunding, family, and creating the world's first magnetic induction powered vaporizer on the Ganjapreneur podcast. 


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Dear all,

We know you’ve been wondering where we are with shipping, and what’s been going on.

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To our friends and supporters,

As some of you who follow us on Facebook and other social media may already be aware, we’ve finally shipped our first Loto Lux vaporizers! 

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Greetings All,

We hope you had a great weekend and that Summer is treating you well.

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Countdown to shipping!

Here we go!

These are the final days of production of “Evoke,” and the start of our running “Countdown to Shipping” blog.

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May 2017 Update

Friends and supporters,

Despite every effort to ship our first units by the end of this May, its looking like the second to third week of June that the first units will come off the line...


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April 2017 Update

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4/20 weekend.

Great news, we're shipping next month! Read more about it here.

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February Update


Greetings Friends and People,

We hope 2017 is off to a great start for you all, and that life is treating you especially well. 

As for us, we're working morning to midnight (and beyond) to meet our commitments to you guys...

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December Update 2017


We are excited to share some amazing news!

We are finally slated to submit Loto Labs units to the FCC and UL for compliance testing in the first week of January! This is a major milestone for Loto Labs...

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