Brief Message from the Rollercoaster Ride of a Vape Startup

Dear all,

We know you’ve been wondering where we are with shipping, and what’s been going on. For much of this time, we’ve been wondering this ourselves, and are sorry it’s taken us awhile to get our bearings and get back on track. Fortunately, while we were testing the units we shipped in June, and a few others we built in-office, we discovered some major improvements that required some hush-hush patenting work.

So, while that was going on we kept on testing and making continual improvements on other components. We’ve redesigned various parts and optimized the performance for an incomparable experience.Frankly, we are so happy about these changes and the Lux’s performance, we just know it’ll prove to have been well worth the wait.

In the next few days, we’ll be waiting for a few changes in our mouthpiece to approach completion so we can start getting the show (back) on the road. We promise, despite being slower than anyone expected or desired, it’s all coming along well.

Peace, Love, and Shipping again soon,

Loto Labs