Dry Herb Capsule for Glenn

Loto Labs is pleased to offer an experimental Dry Herb capsule for our earliest customers.


Here’s some info about your Dry Herb capsule.

The key to using the Dry Herb capsule well is to pack the capsule tightly and increase the power settings. We’ve created a video to demonstrate how to pack the capsule that you can view here. Make sure to put the herb in the capsule while blocking the hole in the bottom. Then, insert the susceptor through the flower pushing the herb down to pack it as tightly as you can. If you don’t pack it tightly, the susceptor can fall into the coil chamber. You have been warned. Finally, put the mesh on top so that you don’t inhale the herb.

Next, change the settings in your app (Available for iOS or Android). From off, press the button for 5 seconds until the LED turns blue. After your phone finds your Lux, change the settings to 100% Draw Power and 50%+ for Idle Power and see how you like that.


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