December Update 2016

To our friends and supporters,

We are excited to share our most recent successes!

We are finally slated to submit Loto Labs units to the FCC and UL for compliance testing in the first week of January! This is a major milestone for Loto Labs and a massive step closer to changing the vape world forever.  

To clarify, this essential compliance step will ensure that Loto Labs has a level of safety and quality assurance that can be found lacking among many of today’s vaporizers. As 2016 winds to a close, we are overjoyed to see the long road to Loto Labs production come to a close.

Along with our compliance submission, our automatic lung has been pumping overtime, fueling experiments to further optimize Evoke’s mouthpiece, air-flow and susceptors. Using a laser diode and special camera, we are able to conduct tests by capturing the beam profile and measuring the scattering of aerosol particles. We can track vapor density and quality as it changes with different susceptor and air-path configurations. All of this will ensure that the vapor produced by this groundbreaking piece is second to none.

Again, we couldn’t be more pleased with what’s to come. While we could bore or terrify you with all the obstacles and issues we’ve overcome in the past in order to get where we are today—or use the hurdles we continuously face as excuses for delays—we don’t see that as fair to you, or helpful in honoring our commitments to our customers or in our mission of changing vaping forever. We have not given up or wavered, and we are heartened that even complaints are communicating something very important to us: that you clearly share our desire to see this product hit the market.  We will deliver; it is our mission above all.  A groundbreaking year is upon us and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Happy Holidays,

The Loto Labs Team