Feb 2018 Update: Shipping is in Full Swing

Hello to all our anxious friends and supporters,

We’re sorry for being tight-lipped in recent weeks–we wanted to be absolutely, positively certain everything was in good working order before making any announcements or proclamations. Thankfully, that time is now, and we come bearing great news.

We’re excited to announce that shipping and production are already underway as you read this. It sure feels good to be letting you know that we’re already shipping, i.e. after the fact, for a change 🙂

We’re chipping away sizable chunks off our list of supporters and pre-sales customers, which means many of you will be getting a direct email from us soon, if you haven’t already. These emails are being sent to individual supporters and customers as soon as their Lux reaches our fulfilment center. The email is very important, so please keep an eye out for it (including in your Junk Email folder, just in case), and do read it carefully. If you were a later supporter, please remain patient: you’ll be notified eventually.

We have a long list of people to get to, and thus, a lot of work to do. We just ask that you please stay patient with us while we work diligently to fulfill ALL units to ALL supporters over the next three (and hopefully no more than four) months. Our small team is working night and day to get Luxes off the line and into your hands and no supporter will be left behind–or else a member from our team will be picked at random for periodic sacrifice to the Shipping Gods until we’ve succeeded. J/k (maybe).

Peace, Love, and Shipping!

The Loto Labs Team