February Update 2016

2016 is off to a great start!


Now that Loto Labs is in its final production stage, we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. As a technology company, we’re constantly iterating, innovating, and doing everything we can to deliver the most impressive vaporizer yet. We’re developing strategic alliances in critical areas of our business – from distribution, sales and marketing, to licensing and branding – that will help us grow and scale quickly and sustainably, while meeting market demand.


We’ve also been working with a major company in an R&D relationship to rigorously test vapor output and quality from our Loto Labs prototypes. We’re anxiously waiting for the results, which will accurately measure the quality and particulate content of our vapor.


Over the last few months we’ve filed three additional patents relating to vapor outflow, and look forward to many more in the near future. And since we’re a startup, we seem to always be raising money and pitching our business to investors.


Fundraising and Shipping

Loto Labs is an ambitious project and fundraising is a necessary step in any young companies growth. The good news is that fundraising has been moving along steadily. We’ve had great success with our efforts thus far and opportunities abound. We’re meeting with potential investors regularly and have every reason to believe we will be closing our round very soon.


As soon as we raise enough funds, we will begin Indiegogo fulfillment. 


To facilitate the fundraising process, we had to build Loto Labs prototypes that proved our technology was real and worth financing. Now that our prototypes are in their final design, and working beautifully, we are able to raise the money needed to produce the first round of commercial Evokes for shipping.


We appreciate your patience and support, as we work tirelessly to deliver the world’s first induction vaporizer, Loto Labs.


Peace Love and Vaping,

The Loto Labs Team