Halloween Update

It’s called Hardware, not ‘Easyware’,” said a brilliant person who learned this the hard way.


To our friends and supporters,

Well, it’s Halloween, and we are finishing retooling our new mouthpieces. We began fulfilling again this week (with less fanfare) using CNC machined components. Many a human will be getting their units over the next few days and weeks.

We wanted to thank all of you who applied or participated in our Beta Testing, or even those who didn’t, but who have nevertheless been so understanding and patient with us while we get all the kinks worked out for mass production. You’ve helped us out so much, and we couldn’t feel luckier to have you guys in our corner.

As many of you know, we’ve taken advantage of this time to make a lot of improvements. Not to mention, we’d be having a tougher time right now if we hadn’t readjusted a few things. It was a bummer, but, as many can attest, we are in better shape for it.

What lifts our spirits is knowing that the improvements made to our mouthpiece fitment and capsule system are going to make the Lux second to none.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s been accomplished in the past two months: we changed our metal-clip-mouthpiece fitment to a magnetic one. This was badly needed. The resulting seal is much more precise, stable, and does a better job assuring the top-quality experience. This also helps us avoid a major bottleneck in manufacturing. This improvement forced us to change the mouthpiece from ceramic to Delrin, which is a high-temp, food-safe polycarbonate with more precise tolerances. It is widely-prized among vaping enthusiasts for its durability and resistance to residue, oils, waxes, etc. We optimized our firmware and dramatically upped the experience for all materials to levels beyond expectations. For instance, concentrates in the Loto Lux is going to be the hailed as the best. We already knew this, but we succeeded in making it even better. We didn’t think it was even possible, but apparently it was, and we are pleasantly surprised by that fact. Dry Herb went from being just okay, to being amazing. After repeated testing with unbiased users and connoisseurs who were gracious enough to try the Lux after multiple adjustments and offer their opinions, it’s very clear now that the flavor and sensory experience of the Lux will raise the bar for vaping across the board.

Each category is now at levels we know people will love, and that well-surpass the norm. People spoke, we listened, we’re great, yada yada yada.

Aside from making these improvements, we’ve also received some nice media attention, from sources interested in Loto Labs and the blossoming vape tech industry. The Ganjapreneur podcast did an interview with our president, Neeraj Bhardwaj, that was released last week.  You can check it out here.

At this exact moment, we’re finishing the final tooling for the new mouthpieces. This will only take a few more weeks. In the meantime, we are fulfilling with CNC mouthpieces at a slower rate (and much higher cost). We are back in motion and are happy to have all these changes finalized. We were hoping to have shipped thousands of units by now, but these changes are great and we know you’ll appreciate it all in the end.

Peace, love, and vaping,

Team Loto Labs