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How to Eliminate Medicinal Herb Odors Quick – and how using the right vaping device can help

As research grows, it’s becoming almost impossible to ignore what many herb enthusiasts have known for years: That medicinal herbs, in addition to their well-documented recreational uses, also have a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. This has led to increasing legalization throughout the states and abroad.

However, although legal views are changing, there can still be some societal stigma lingering around the use of dry herbs, especially among the older generations, and in public. Most varieties of dry herbs and flowers also have distinct smells that can hang in the air or stick to your hair and clothing, even long after you’ve enjoyed a smoke. While many find this smell inviting, invoking memories of good times and relaxation, there are times when discretion may be called for.

Whether you’re off for an important professional outing or a meet with the parents, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for keeping your daily use of herbs and concentrates private (spoiler alert: vaporizers are one of our secret weapons, and Loto Labs has the goods).

Check for proper ventilation

Proper ventilation should always be your first line of defense when combatting odors. The first thing to do anytime you partake in a dose of herb or flower should be to make sure you’re by a window or in a well-ventilated room. If you can, place a small fan by the window and blow your smoke into it. The fan will propel the smoke outdoors, taking a majority of the odor along with it.

Try the dryer sheet method

If proper ventilation isn’t possible, you’ll have to get a little more creative. The following is a cost-effective method that you can construct using materials you probably already have lying around the house. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, a few dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Stack the dryer sheets on top of each other at the end of the tube and use a rubber band to secure them in place.  After inhaling every soothing puff of smoke, exhale through the tube. Instead of filling the air with the smell of herbs you’ll be surrounded by the scent of fresh laundry.

Air neutralizer, fresheners

Investing in a high-quality air neutralizer might be a good option for any frequent smoker. A high-quality air neutralizer pulls odors from the air and replaces them with pleasant fragrances from essential oils instead. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a neutralizer, spray air fresheners or plug-in fresheners can also help, though they aren’t as effective at covering super strong smells.

Light some incense

Not everyone is a fan of the artificial scents used in commercial air fresheners, perfumes, or dryer sheets. For those who prefer a more natural fragrance, lighting some incense can be a great way to cover up the scent of other smoke clinging to your surroundings.

Try edibles in lieu of smoking

With legal shops popping up in more places around the country, you no longer need to know how to cook or bake to enjoy your medicinal herbs in edible forms. In addition to baked goods, you can also get your herbs in a variety of candy goodies. And of course, an obvious upside to edibles is that they leave no odors behind. Just be aware if you decide to do the cooking or baking yourself as you can end up with the whole house smelling like herbal treats, so plan your baking sessions accordingly.

Check your hair and clothing

Scents can linger in hair and on clothing. Showering or changing clothing is always the guaranteed option. When showering is out of the question, you can try perfume, body spray, or scented lotions. To help avoid the scent getting in your hair, keep your hair tied back and out of the way while smoking.

Make the switch to vaping!

Along with increasing legalization, there have also been several advances in technology to hit the herb market in recent years. Some of the most exciting products to hit the market have been vaporizers and vape pens. Though they’ve been heavily marketed to tobacco smokers as a way to kick the cigarette habit, we’re really excited about them as a means for enjoying legal concentrates and oils in a safe and odorless way.

Unlike smoking your medicinal herbs, vaporizers deliver the same effects in the form of a healthier and odor free vapor. You can still enjoy the calming action of inhaling, without the unwanted side effects. A quality concentrate vaporizer like the Loto Legend can feel like a big investment, but if discretion is important to you a vape pen is by far the best solution we’ve found.  Unlike air fresheners or dryer sheet hacks, a vape pen can go anywhere with you, and they eliminate the need to think about odor control in the first place.