How to Vape

How to Dab - Loto Legend - Induction Dab Rig Vaporizer Video

How to Dab with the Loto Legend

  1. Push Button.
  2. Turn Button to desired power setting (as indicated by color). The power setting stays the same as to what has been previously set.
  3. Using the Dab Tool, put material all the way down into the chamber.
  4. Remove Dab Tool from the chamber.
  5. Inhale.
  6. Press Button to turn device off.
  7. (Optional) Slightly lift or turn Carb Ring while inhaling to clear vapor from Mouth Piece.
  8. Exhale.

How to Vape with the Loto Lux

  1. Double tap the LED button to wake up the device. The light will turn purple.
  2. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to unlock and pre-heat. The light will turn green.
  3. Once the light turns white, press and hold the button down while priming the Lux with a few breaths to initiate airflow. Then, inhale.
  4. Set down upright or wait at least 15 seconds before laying down flat.

How to Load Concentrates

  1. Remove susceptor from the glass capsule
  2. Apply material directly onto the susceptor as desired*
  3. Place susceptor back into the capsule and into the flared metal sleeve. Make sure the flared end of the sleeve/tube stays flat at bottom of the capsule**
  4. Another way to load concentrates is to put the susceptor and metal sleeve into the empty capsule, then place concentrates into the capsule so that they touch both metal inserts
  5. If desired, apply more material into the capsule and around the metal sleeve/tube. Do not add material any higher than the top of the metal sleeve/tube.
  6. Place loaded capsule into the Lux induction chamber (open side up) and replace the mouthpiece
  7. Follow the instructions included with your Lux to unlock the device and start vaping.
  8. Enjoy your stay in Tastetowntown (or Flavorville, or Deliciousburg, or whatever you think is cute enough and not copyrighted)

How to Connect to Bluetooth

  1. Download app for  iOS or Android
  2. Open app and tap screen
  3. Press LED button on the Loto Lux for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode
  4. Once your phone finds your Lux, change the settings to 100% Draw Power and 60%+ for Idle Power

Note: Loto Lux is a powerful heat application device. Once unlocked and ON, your material will begin vaporizing immediately upon pressing the button. For best results, begin holding button 1-2 seconds prior to draw and continue holding as you draw. To avoid leaking, maintain the Lux mouthpiece upright while in use, and wait approximately 10 seconds after turning the unit OFF, before setting it down.
* Patent-pending steel threading increases surface area and facilitates capillary action. As material warms around the susceptor, it rises up along the threading and begins to vaporize. No additional wick is needed.

** Patent-pending flared sleeve insert shields outer material from induced heat and preserves its flavor. Meanwhile, the constriction around the susceptor boosts capillary action and allows only the right amount to be consumed in each draw. As material within the sleeve vaporizes, the excess outer material will replace it through the flared base of the sleeve.

Download Instruction Manual