Patented Induction Vaping Safer, Cleaner, Better Tasting

The first true induction technology, now available in the palm of your hand.

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MagTempTM The Most Accurate Temperature Control

We measure the exact temperature through our patented temperature control technology rather than via resistance and averaging.

Precise temperature control is essential for accurate dosing.

“Every other vape company averages their temperature. They disregard burning hot-spots that produce carcinogens and bad taste.”

Dr. Andrew Bleloch Co-Founder of Loto Labs PhD Cambridge University

Less Carcinogens

Our patented tech with true temperature control outperforms industry leaders.

Carcinogens E-liquid Vaporizer Research

Standard CORESTA Puff
on Full Cartridge (E-Liquid)

Loto Labs provides the same nicotine yield as the industry leading vaporizer despite producing less carbonyls.

Vaporizer Temperature Control Puff

This plot shows a typical puff. The temperature rises to produce a satisfying aerosol but never exceeds the set temperature of 240°C over the few seconds of the puff duration.

Standard CORESTA Puff
on Empty Cartridge (E-Liquid)

The temperature is set to 240°C. As the cartridge empties, the amount of aerosol reduces with no bad taste or excess carcinogens.

Vaporizer Temperature Control Puff Empty Cartridge

The temperature rises faster than a normal puff because there is very little aerosol being produced.

Vaporizer Temperature Control Puff Nicotine Yield

The amount of nicotine measured in each puff is dramatically reduced as expected for the empty cartridge.

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Herbal Concentrates Pod LLE-P

Less parts and sustainable materials allow for lower cost, leak proof capsule/pod system for herbal concentrates. Our system works with materials that are highly viscous at room temperature such as pure live resin.

Cannabis Pod Induction Handheld Vaporizer

Herbal Concentrates LLE-C

We've created the world's first handheld, user loaded open concentrates induction system. No need for cutting agents or added terpenes ever.

Cannabis Concentrate Induction Handheld Vaporizer

E-Liquid LLE-P

Vaporize e-liquid like never before. Our patented technology achieves maximum flavor by eliminating hot-spots and burning.

E-liquid Induction Handheld Vaporizer

Heat Not Burn LLE-H

Heat Not Burn for Tobacco Leaf, CBD or THC Flower. Say goodbye to burnt taste forever.

Heat Not Burn Induction Handheld Vaporizer

4 Ways to Heat



Most Common

Most Carcinogens

Traditional Cigarette


Resistive Coil

Today's Vaporizers

Burns & Leaks Liquid

All current Vapes




Not Viable


Magnetic Induction


Most Efficient

Patented by Loto Labs

Induction Heating

Revolutionizing Vaping With Induction Induction Outperforms Resistive Heating for Cannabis and Nicotine Consumption

  • Magnetic induction produces superior tasting products.
  • Precise temperature control via patented measurement of exact temperature rather than via resistance and averaging.
  • Temperature control is also the only way to properly dose. Most competitors use an inaccurate form of temperature control.
  • Cleaner vapor with no harmful heavy metals or adhesives in the vapor path.
  • Faster heat-up with more efficiency and lean sustainable parts.

The Competition (Vaporizers) Using antiquated wick and coil system

  • Poor temperature control using averaged temperatures leads to hot-spots, bad taste, and increased carcinogens.
  • Breaks and leaks easily and often.
  • Necessary to maintain replaceable parts.
  • Capsules are more complex to build, expensive and less sustainable.
Resistive Vaporizer



Vaporizer Device

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Improved Vaporizer Device

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AT, BE, BG, CH, CZ, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, HK, IE, LU, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, TR, and all international and/or foreign counterparts.


Devices, Systems, and Methods for Sensing Temperature in Induction Heating Systems

Container for Electronic Vaporizer Device

25 Additional Patents Pending

Loto Labs

Better Vaping Through Science

Our Silicon Valley startup story began in 2014 when vape enthusiast and entrepreneur Neeraj Bhardwaj teamed up with University of Cambridge professor and physicist, Dr. Andrew Bleloch to usher in a new generation of vaping. Together, they founded Loto Labs and invented Legend—a revolutionary dab rig powered by electromagnetic induction heating, that’s both safe and easy-to-use. Designed and manufactured in the USA and dedicated to continuous innovation, Loto Labs continues to “break the mold” by engineering next-level vaping experiences.

Release Notes

LLE 1.0 – Power Upgrade
November 2020
  • 4 prototypes introduced
  • LLE 1.1 – Ultimate induction system temp sensing capabilities
LLD 1.1 – New Body for Mechanicals
August 2020
  • Better testing algorithms
  • Boot design for better angle range
LLD 1.0 – Rev C bugs squashed
May 2020
  • Lower noise
  • Increased heat dissipation
  • Much better frequency resolution
  • New Firmware
LLC 1.1 – Introduced Self Sealing Capsule
April 2020
  • New Firmware
LLC 1.0 – Massive architectural change
January 2020
  • Upgrades resolution
  • Heat dissipation
  • Power performance
  • New firmware
LLB 1.3 – Upgrades to Microfluidics
November 2019
  • New gaskets
LLB 1.2 – Capsule Design Change
September 2019
  • Optimized coil design
  • New firmware
LLB 1.2 – Capsule Design Change
September 2019
  • Optimized coil design
  • New firmware
LLB 1.1 – Optimized Coil Design
September 2019
  • Airflow optimized
  • Algorithmic upgrades
  • New firmware
LLB 1.0 – Layout Errors in Release A Corrected
June 2019
  • Extruded mechanical design introduced
  • Created first capsule for e-liquid
  • New firmware
LLA 1.1 – Introduced Self Sealing Capsule
April 2019
  • New firmware
LLA 1.0 – Initial Internal Build / Release
January 2019
  • Total departure in architecture from Legend
  • New firmware
Legend – Initial External Release
October 2018
  • Total departure in architecture from Lux
  • Much more control
  • Much more power-efficient
  • Cost reduction
Lux – Initial External Release; Proof of Concept
February 2018
  • Actual working induction unit that showed the benefit of induction.

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