Late March Update

As spring time flowers begin to bloom here in California, Loto Labs is moving closer to production and launch!

Working Prototype

Since our last update, we have received our first working
prototype! After a lot of work getting both the Loto Labs “engine” and “chassis” designed and into development, it’s all finally coming together. The prototype is made out of 3D printed polymers and contains a working chipset with our patent-pending bluetooth, induction core and air systems! You can check out the photos

All-In-One System

Initially, we had contemplated making 3 separate versions of the Loto Labs. The reason for this decision is that we didn’t think we could make them all work as a single unit, largely due to differences in the induction coil as well as in the air system that would be needed to accommodate different materials.

The breakthrough came when we developed a system to create 3 different induction cores that can easily be swapped for various uses. You simply open up the mouthpiece, remove the coil and slide in a different coil. Each one of our 3 induction coils has been designed to optimize the experience of whatever material users want to vape. Further, the onboard Bluetooth capability will allow for voltage control, resulting in endless variations for using the different coils. We can’t wait to see what possible combinations our customers come up with!


Our firmware is operational and the software development is underway. In our lab, the firmware is successfully communicating thru Bluetooth and sending commands to the chipset.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Our current estimate for shipping and fulfillment of Indiegogo orders is still end of June.