Loto Labs’ Induction Heating Technology

Loto Labs’ patent pending induction heating technology allows for a more effective and efficient consumer experience. Induction Heating for Personal Vaporization provides a cleaner, more precise heating method that is at least as efficient and fast as conventional methods. This means that there is a clearly discernible improvement in taste together with a safer, more controllable experience. While the high temperatures created during dabbing can be dangerous, traditional vaping also has its limitations when it comes to optimal heating. Induction heating targets specific areas, meaning the entire device doesn’t heat up. This way, only the susceptor will be heated, so there is no worry about accidentally touching a red-hot nail.


The greatest benefit of dabbing is that it is more potent than vaping or smoking flower. For people that want or need a higher than average dosage of medicine, dabbing is the preferred mode of consumption.Extraction using a torch makes controlling the temperature and dose difficult. The next best option, an electronic nail, has a long wait time, and then there’s the concern of the extremely hot nail that is exposed.


Most vaporizers use resistive heating methods to vaporize material. The wire gets hot and transfers its heat to a wick soaked in the desired material, resulting in an inhalable aerosol. However, with our technology, vaping is now done in such a way that new atomizers are no longer necessary and will not decay over time with use. The material being consumed is both the wick and the heater, meaning there is no need for a disposable atomizer and less waste is created.


A Loto Labs experience allows more precise temperature control and does not expose any material or vapor to temperatures higher than the desired vaping temperature. With Loto Labs’ technology, not only will users never have to worry about safety, the wait time is hardly there. Induction heating allows for shorter heating times with no hazardous exposed element, creating a vaping experience that is a safer alternative to dabbing.