Loto Labs on Cannabis Now

In the recent issue of Cannabis Now magazine, Loto Labs was featured in the article, “Vapes of Tomorrow.” Below is a snippet followed by scans of the full article.

Vapes of Tomorrow

Modern Vaporizing Goes High Tech

By K. Richards

It’s all about the demonstration as Neeraj Bhardwaj and Andrew Bleloch of Loto Labs set up what looks like a science experiment on the corner of a cleared off office desk. They came in to introduce a new vaporizer that will revolutionize the industry, but first the demonstration.

In order to truly understand the impact of the technology they’re going to be presenting to vaping enthusiasts everywhere sometime later this year, one must first observe exactly how induction heating works. There’s a small box with little knobs, a thick, gold coil connected to a capacitor and lots of talk about oscillating magnetic fields, energy, circuits and conductors.

What they’re trying to explain is how their Frankenstein set-up is about to revolutionize the vaporizer industry. And the seemingly unrelated science experiment? Well, all of that will be inside of their groundbreaking portable device, the Evoke.

The Loto Labs team is promising a quick-heating, non-burning, portable vaporizer that employs the heat-producing physics principle to heat loose leaves, wax and soil instead of the standard coil and wick system that other traditional vaporizers use.

“Most vapes waste wax and oil,” Bhardwaj says. “With the induction heating used in the Evoke, users can heat up their flowers or concentrate without simply burning it up.”

To read the whole article, view the images below: