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You’ve made it this far — just a few more clicks and Legend is yours forever!

Loto Legend delivers maximum flavor and potency with every dab through the union of cutting-edge design and innovative magnetic induction technology. And now for a limited time you can experience for yourself why Legend is the world’s most advanced all-in-one desktop vaporizer for concentrates.

Supplies are super limited on Legends, so don’t delay, snag yours before they are gone… again. Treat yo’ self and bring some joy to your life. Purchase yours today!


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The Difference is Legendary

Legend was designed to deliver a lifetime of dabs. Using only premium materials, we built it to be elegant yet solid. Its designed with both daily dabbers and newbies in mind, it comes with everything you need, and nothing you don’t – no torch, replacement atomizers, carb cap, or additional parts necessary. Just plug it in, turn the dial, and it’s ready to go. Fast, safe and simple – now that’s Legendary.

Superior Technology, Unmatched Performance

Harness the speed and power of magnetic induction technology. Legend reaches full power in just 6 seconds, so it’s ready to dab when you are. Built to be the safest vaporizer on the market, it cools in seconds and with no exposed heating element or torch, your favorite concentrates heat safely and evenly.

Built to Last

Designed to deliver a lifetime of dabs, we built Legend to be elegant, yet solid using only premium materials. The vegan leather-wrapped base not only looks and feels luxe, it cleans up in a snap. And to keep the Legend lightweight yet durable, we use the same precision-machined hard-anodized aluminum used in airplanes and spacecraft.

Potent & Pure

Legend’s all-glass vapor path creates the richest, most delicious vapor. Because it’s all glass, there is no risk of contamination from porous ceramics, solder, or adhesives, unlike other vapes. And Legend’s built-in water filtration system humidifies and conditions, delivering legendary vapor quality and flavor that goes down smooth.

You’re In Control

Simply spin the dial to select your desired temperature. Colored LED lights indicate temp and set the mood. Legend is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to use the app to adjust power, brightness, and temperature (COMING SOON). Your sesh, your control – just the way you like.

Legendary Service

Legend is covered by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and our phenomenal customer service team is ready and waiting to help, anytime you need.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Case

    Elegant Design, perfect to be the centerpiece of any table. The LOTO Legend Is made from hard-anodized aluminum which gives it a solid feel and a body heavy enough that it won’t tip over. The hand-blown Glass is thick enough to withstand minor falls and bumps. The all glass pathway Is far safer than other vaporizers that utilize inferior materials. Easy disassembly allows you to have access to your reclaim, unlike other pipes or drop-downs. The LED heat indication lights are not only convenient they give the device an inviting charm. Simply spin the dial and select your temperature, the device itself indeed heats up in the 6 seconds as promised. The concentrates will instantly vaporize and soon you’ll be blowing big clouds of clean vapor. I am beyond impressed by the improvements LOTO Labs has made from their first generation devices to the second generation’s! The LOTO customer service has been phenomenal. If you have an issue please reach out, they will work with you to find a solution that is best for everybody. The LOTO Legend is the perfect Lifestyle Product, this device IS the future of casual concentrate use.

  2. bruce

    What a great product! I’ve been using marijuana since college in the ’70s, and I’ve never gotten so high so fast (at least not since the black Nepalese hash in ’72)! Dabbing is relatively new to me, and the blowtorch and hot nails and complicated rigs put me off. But the Legend makes it so easy and safe. The vape is incredibly clean and tasty. The pathway is all glass, makes it easy to clean and there’s no metallic taste. The body of the unit is elegant and solid. The only thing is that I have to be careful not to overdo it, or I end up couch-bound. Kudos to Loto Labs for developing the magnetic induction technology that takes dabbing to a new level of convenience, safety, and potency.

  3. lchouinard_ak

    Cheers to the Loto Labs team! I’ve had the Legend for a few days now and it’s already my main rig. Bye-bye torches and butane! The low temps settings are perfect for getting those flavorful terps and you can crank that bad boy all the way up for some major clouds.

  4. dabcrate

    This is one amazing concentrate vaporization device. I rate it 5 stars for reliability, consumption experience, and for having some super cool technology under the hood.

    RELIABILITY – This produces thick, vaporous clouds that are sometimes elusive with traditional enail setups. The 7 preset heat settings do give a wide range of vapor temperatures. Reliability is through the roof with what you will come to expect from the Legend. You can easily rip a couple complete dabs on the Legend in the minutes it takes for a regular enail to heat up.

    CONSUMPTION EXPERIENCE – With the coolest temps gradually heating your concentrate, I can get a good 1-2 lower-temp inhales before the nail heats up and vapor production really increases. The hotter settings can heat your nail almost immediately, (while ridiculously efficient, I prefer to stay on the cooler end of the scale). I would relate this device experience to the quick, lung-filling hits of a bong; rather than the slow, sipping experience of an enail. The air path on the Legend is completely glass. The only qualm with consumption experience would be the susceptor/nail setup might need to cool down if you’re consuming with friends back-to-back-to-back, then again if you’re consuming that frequently you’re going to want to have 2 nails to rotate. I usually get 3 full dabs before needing to cool down, so this is really only applicable in group/public settings, for the average consumer I highly doubt you’ll have trouble.

    TECHNOLOGY – Holy shit the technology. By far the most advanced consumption device I have ever used. But certainly not the most difficult to use. The option of pairing to an iPhone app takes the guesswork out of the turning knob/LED lights to understand temperature. The ability to run updates for your vaporizer from your phone is amazing, and really hit home that this is a consumption investment that I will have for years, with the ability to keep it current with whatever new abilities this magnetic induction vape can take advantage of. I am blown away to say the least.

    I would highly recommend this device to both newbies shopping their first desktop enail, to voracious concentrate consumers looking to shred globs throughout the day, this thing will keep up with you no problem!

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