Two Dry Herb Capsules

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Loto Labs is pleased to offer two Dry Herb capsule systems for the Loto Lux.

Two Dry Herb glass capsules
Two Susceptors
Two Mesh Screens

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The key to using the Dry Herb capsule well is to pack the capsule tightly and increase the power settings.


  1. Place material into Dry Herb capsule tightly while blocking the bottom hole
  2. Insert Susceptor into Dry Herb capsule
  3. Place Mesh into the top end


  1. Download app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap the screen,
  3. From off, press the Lux’s LED button for 5 seconds until it turns blue.
  4. After your phone finds your Lux, change the settings to 100% Draw Power and 60%+ for Idle Power


To clean the capsule system, just soak them in alcohol and then remove any residual with a cotton swab.

Customer Reviews

  1. John Whittaker

    I’m glad I got this, It’s really tasty but not huge big clouds. I’m sure this is because this was their first product and was for crowdfunders.

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