March Update

Lots of exciting things have been taking place at Loto Labs over the last couple of months.
Progress is steady, and we couldn’t be more excited for this spring’s product launch.
We wanted to provide you with an update:

  • New website and logo
  • Trade Convention—4/20 in Denver, CO
  • Schedule for Production Prototypes + Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Valve Design
  • Development of Aromatic Blends capsule
  • New addition to the Loto Labs Family

New Website and Logo

We have revamped our website and logo for a fresh new look. The website will serve as an e-commerce store for purchasing Loto Labs and future Loto Labs products.

Attending Trade Convention (4/18-4/20)

We will be at the Denver Fairgrounds this April 18-20. Although we don’t have our booth assignment yet, we will be located in the smoking section and will have working units on-site for all to try and enjoy. If you’re in the Denver area, we hope you’ll stop in and see us. This will be the first opportunity for members of the public to test the Loto Labs and see what it can do!

Schedule for Production Prototypes + Shipping and Fulfillment

Our manufacturing partner has indicated that our Production Prototypes are scheduled for a March 28 delivery. The Production Prototypes are finalized, working units that can be sent for tooling and used for production. This will be our last chance to beta-test and smooth out any functional flaws before going to production. Our estimated date for initiating fulfillment of Indiegogo orders is May 21.

Valve Design

We are also hard at work finalizing the design of the mouthpiece, in order to provide an adjustable air-flow valve. The valve is going to have a manual open/close feature. This way, when you are finished using the unit, the air-path will seal completely so that no juice/e-liquid/concentrate will be able to leak out of the unit. If you’ve had the same experience as us, you’ve found that most vapes on the market leak. Its essential to us that we design the Loto Labs to be completely sealed when not in use to prevent this messy occurrence.

Development of Aromatic Blends capsule

The designs for e-liquids and concentrates have been complete for some time, but we have not yet finished our final design for the aromatic blends component. We are developing a system that will allow for easy loading and unloading of materials, as well as creating a superior air-path that will allow for maximum exposure of surface area of the leaf, resulting in more even heating and superior taste.

Newest Addition to the Loto Labs Team

Our rockstar physicist Andrew and his wife Holly were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy this past February 3. We are so happy for him and wish his family all the best!