May 2017 Update


Friends and supporters,

Despite every effort to ship our first production batch by the end of this month, its looking like the second to third week of June is when they will be coming off the line. We can only hurry things so much without becoming reckless. Our manufacturer is one of the best in the world, and frankly we have to stop pushing and let them do what they do best, regardless of the pressure we’re under to deliver. They’ve assured us that everything is being done as quickly as possible without sacrificing on quality or performance. 

And, to be fair, no one has ever mass produced a magnetic induction vaporizer before, so it’s been a challenge for anyone to predict anything accurately, no matter how experienced they might be. Still, we’ve been guaranteed that units are being produced as quickly and safely as possible.

Please understand that we may incur other delays that we cannot foresee, but have been assured that anything hereafter would be minor and shipping is imminent. We have already paid in-full for this first batch, incurring a hefty expense to machine metal bodies by CNC and get them to everyone sooner. It’s also been made very clear to us that they are being assembled as fast as responsibly can be. Our manufacturer has everything they need from us and has taken over the fulfillment process entirely. 

That said we are pleased to share our very first production photos and video! These are the very first metal bodies for the world’s very first magnetic induction vaporizer EVER. You can see how they are being reductively machined out of solid blocks of metal. Very cool stuff! Of course, after final assembly, we’ll be adding the beautiful wood veneers.

So, here we are, on the cusp of that day that we’ve been dreaming about and struggling towards for years. We’ve been dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s, making sure everything is ready for when the first units are assembled and packaged. There’s so much “extra stuff” involved in all of this that many can easily take for granted–everything from appropriate warning labels, to legal text, to artwork on instruction manuals, packaging foam color and tolerances, etc.

Also, to clarify for our Indiegogo supporters, there was some confusion after our last update. Please understand that the very first units off the production line will be shipped as perks to our earliest donators. We will then fulfill pre-sale orders. Thereafter, we will begin fulfilling remaining supporters in order of donation time in tandem with new sales, as fast as we can, and as quickly as sales will support. Also note, we will be reaching out to all Indiegogo supporters to verify addresses and order details just prior to shipping individual units—doing so in the order of when donations were received, of course.

Finally, it came to our attention several months ago that we would need to cease using the name of “ Loto Labs” (because why not, right?). It turns out that a large international company owns a trademark for a very similar name in this space, and our lawyers forbade us to use “Evoke” upon launch. There was nothing we could do about this at all. After a week or so of digesting the (at the time) painful news, we began working overtime on a full rebrand. We’ve been working on this for months, along with everything else, and we are, extremely pleased with, and excited about, the new name, new website design, new logo, and the new brand’s “look and feel.” We have to keep the new name for the-induction-vaporizer-formerly-known-as- Loto Labs a secret just a little bit longer, though we can’t wait to share it and all the other things we’ve been working on. We really do love these changes and hope you do to. 

We’ll be sharing as much as we can as it becomes ripe for reveal, including more production images and videos before that glorious day we’ve all been waiting for. Now that fulfillment is so close, we are going to try and push out updates for y’all every week.

Peace, Love, and Vaping,

The Loto Labs Team