May Update

To Our Founding Supporters,

Our Presale is Moving from Indiegogo to a Pre-Order Reservation System 

We received an email this week from Indiegogo informing us that we no longer comply with their updated terms of service and we are now in violation of their new terms for being “drug paraphernalia.” As a company, we are committed to creating the highest quality devices that will create pure vapor. We intend that our dry herb and concentrate versions only be used in regions where this is medically accepted or recreationally legal.

This came as a shock—given that we’ve been huge fans of the Indiegogo platform—we’d like to thank Indiegogo for connecting us with some great founding supporters of Loto Labs last year.

While we disagree with Indiegogo’s decision to end our InDemand Presale, we remain committed to bringing this revolutionary product to the market and will now be taking reservations for Loto Labs pre-orders at This will allow customers to reserve one of our first production Loto Labs, in advance of the general public. We will be implementing the new reservation system shortly on our website and will send out an update when it is ready.

Batteries and Chargers 

We’d also like to announce that, for our Indiegogo supporters, we are going to include a battery and charger with every Loto Labs unit. We understand that our Indiegogo supporters feel that Loto Labs should work out of box, and we want to fulfill that expectation.

Induction Cores 

Although all Loto Labs will be compatible with all three induction cores, Indiegogo supporters will continue to receive the induction core that they specified at the time of their initial order (e-Liquid, aromatic blends, or essential oils). In the case of supporters who donated toward multiple units, they will receive multiple complete units, each coming with the single induction core they chose. Induction cores will include the complete capsule system with all necessary accessories in order to use it. 

Each Indiegogo supporter will receive:

    • 1 Loto Labs Unit
    • 1 Induction Coil (e-Liquid, aromatic blends or essential oil)
  • 1 Battery and Charger
  • 3 Capsule Systems (3 glass vials + 3 susceptors)*

Stretch Goals 

We want everyone to know that stretch goals are still definitely happening. We have been quiet on talking about these goals because of the mouthpiece re-design. We cannot create a water-pipe attachment until we have the final specs for the mouthpiece. It is a cart-before-the-horse situation. Custom embossing of Loto Labs is a cosmetic addition to the product and will be the very last thing that we do prior to shipping.

Please continue to direct all questions or comments to Thank you again for all your support as we bring Loto Labs ever closer to reality.

Peace, love and vaping,

Loto Labs

*Note: susceptor is a material used for its ability to absorb electromagnetic energy and convert it to heat. In our system, the susceptor performs both a wicking function and a heating function. Although the susceptor does perform a wicking function, it is not a ‘wick’ in the sense of a wick and coil system as used in other vape pens on the market. In our aromatic blends Core, the susceptor only performs a heating function as there is nothing to ‘wick.’