Vaping apps

Most Popular Vaping Apps: A Guide

Where human interest goes, apps tend to follow.

As vaping has skyrocketed in popularity, it was only a matter of time before we begin hearing device manufacturers say, “Yep, we’ve got an app for that”.

It’s only natural that with more and more people indulging in the many joys of vaping, that apps would arise to help augment the experience in a variety of ways. It’s no exaggeration to say that a new vape app appears practically every month, and that the number and variety now available is many times what it was just a year ago.

So whether you use your vaporizer to try and quit smoking or you employ it to make the most of your extracts, concentrates or dry herbs, it’s in your interest to explore how various apps can help inform and enhance your experience.

5 Vape Apps That Should be on Your Radar

Vaping apps cover the entire spectrum of the vaping experience, no matter if your preference is e-juice or vaping concentrates.

A few ways apps can enhance your experience include:

  • Video editing and creation for capturing that wicked vapor cloud to upload on Instagram
  • How-to / instructional apps on everything from coil building to usage
  • Connected apps to your devices such as the Bluetooth compatible Loto Lux
  • And more…

Whether you’re looking for an Ohm’s calculator to calculate resistance and battery usage, or you simply want to keep up with the latest e-juice recipes, there’s an app for that.

Here are 5 vaping apps that we think are worth a look:

          1. Vaffle – In the wake of social media sites shoving vaping related topics and information to the back burner, and/or de-incentivizing them, Vaffle has stepped up to fill the void. Want to find a vape-friendly home for your video? Vaffle will take it. Want to upload an e-juice recipe? Vaffle will take it. Want to hang and chat with like-minded individuals? Vaffle is where you’ll find them these days. The Vaffle app is free for both Android and iOS mobile devices and is one of the most popular new apps of 2018, garnering lots of rave reviews.
          2. Loto Labs – Not to toot our own horn, but Loto Labs has received some quite favorable press recently. With the invention of the world’s first induction heating vaporizer, made some waves in the in the vaping industry. But enough about that, this is about apps, and the Loto Legend does not disappoint. The Loto Legend app for both Android and iOS allows you to control temperature, preserve battery life, adjust all the settings on the device, and stay current on any and all firmware updates.
          3. Vape Boss – Vape Boss has been a hit with vapers almost since its launch in 2014. That’s because it’s way more than just an app. Like Vaffle, it’s your doorway to the larger vaping universe. It allows you to read product reviews, socialize with other vapers, promote your vape-related business, purchase e-liquids, discuss vaping dry herbs, extracts and concentrates, find shops near you selling the vaping products you need and much more. If there’s a downside to Vape Boss it’s that it’s iOS only, although it will work on both your iPhone and iPad.
          4. E-Liquid Calculator – If you happen to be an e-liquid aficionado, then you’re going to love the E-Liquid Calculator. While it’s not super fancy or feature-rich, it’s nonetheless an invaluable adjunct to your vaping experience. Whereas most e-juice apps deal in generalities, the E-Liquid Calculator rolls up its sleeves and gets its hands dirty. It allows you to create recipes with incredible precision even making recommendations regarding nicotine and flavoring levels based on your preferences that are accurate down to the milliliter. There is no trick the E-Calculator misses in its quest to provide you with the most sophisticated means yet devised to produce world-class e-juice. The E-Liquid Calculator is available for Android only at a cost of 99 cents.
          5. The Vape Tool – The last item on our list is the Vape Tool. It’s a free download if you’re okay with ads. Otherwise, it will set you back a modest $3.49. This is another Android-only app but that doesn’t detract from its usefulness should you have the requisite handset. The Vape Tool is just that; a tool. And the emphasis is squarely on functionality. The Vape Tool will help you build the perfect coil, calculate Ohm’s law, conserve battery life, check for mod safety and create the perfect vapable liquid as well. It’s a well-rounded app for the dedicated vaper.

Vaping apps are here to stay and get more sophisticated every day. Make sure you’re able to engage in this vital aspect of vaping culture by downloading one or more of the above-profiled apps. And happy vaping!