New Website and Name Change – Evoke is now Loto Lux

Greetings All,

We hope you had a great weekend and that Summer is treating you well.

We’re excited to announce that our new website is up, as is our new product name!

Big ups to everyone on our team who worked tirelessly to get this up by the weekend.

Regarding the name change, we want to be clear about the reasons for changing the name but are somewhat limited in what we can say. We have to avoid any more obstacles, so need to stop short of naming the specific trademark at issue. Let’s just say… there’s a hyphen involved. Some resourceful peeps will be able to deduce it.

Nevertheless, the new name is Loto Lux, and we like it a lot. Lux means “Light” in Latin, and connotes luxury, two things we feel are very appropriate for the dawn of a new generation of vaping that is our product. Plus, there’s the whole alliteration thing going on, which isn’t too shabby.

Believe it or not, picking out a new name for a vaporizer that isn’t already taken is an enormous pain the likes of which can easily drive one to the brink of madness. Ditto for a logo redesign. We warn all of you out there, do not take either of these tasks lightly in your own enterprises. They are hugely difficult tasks and, if you can avoid them, you’d be wise to. On the bright side, if you decide to take on the challenge and manage to not lose your mind, then you can and will arrive at outcomes that you are really, really proud of. You’ll know it when it happens.

Still, we are very excited to hear your thoughts on everything: the new website, logo, brand, and product name.

Loto Labs website 1.0 screen capture

Regarding the website, we still have a few bugs to fix, and finishing touches to make that will take a few weeks. E.g. we are aware of the product page image zoom issue–we’re working on it. But, for now at least, you have a good representation of our new trajectory, and that was our primary goal. We really hope you like it. Please don’t hesitate to explore the new site and share any feedback or reports of bugs through our Contact Us page.

We’ve also been updating our Countdown to Shipping blog with photos and videos for those so interested, giving you a sneak peek at the less-than-glamorous side of production. At the moment, we are on pins and needles waiting for word from a supplier on the status of our “metal clips”–if they’ll arrive soon enough to be able to start shipping some units by the end of this month. This piece holds the unit’s mouthpiece and body together, as well as the fate of our dreams to ship in June. Please, cross your fingers, or whatever else you might do to conjure some good luck from the metaphysical realm. These clips have been a pain to manufacture in large quantities, initially at least. Like every other body part on the unit, they have to be custom-made, which feels like it takes an act of congress for initial batches. Thereafter, it’s comparatively smooth sailing. Allegedly.

We should find out the status on these clips and if we’re still on track in the next day or two. We want more than anything to ship by the end of this month, now the end of this week! This is a huge moment for us, years in the making. We can’t wait to reach this milestone and get our supporters your Loto Luxes! Wish us luck.

Peace, Love, and Vaping,

The Loto Labs Famalam