October Update

All-in-One Induction Core

It’s been a while since our last update, but the lab has been buzzing along, striving to revolutionize the vaporizing market. The biggest news concerns the development of an all in one induction core. The design in our original Indiegogo campaign called for 3 different Loto Labs units, one optimized for aromatic blends, one for essential oils and one for e-liquid. After we developed our prototypes, we developed the ability to manufacture one unit for all 3 materials through the use of swappable induction cores. We’ve taken this thinking even further by asking the question—what if we could make one core that worked with all materials and never had to be removed?

We are pleased to announce that Loto Labs will only use one induction core to vape all materials. The induction core will be removable if it’s necessary to clean it, but you will not have to remove it to vaporize different materials, or to change capsules. Feedback from the community is that this is a major improvement to Loto Labs’s convenience and ease of use.

This means:

— All units will work with E-liquid, aromatic blends and essential oils, with no additional add-ons or parts needed.

— The induction core system is even simpler, you no longer have to remove the core to change materials—just swap out your used capsule with a fresh one and you’re good to go.

New Product Video

We’ve created a new product video to showcase Loto Labs’s induction system. Learn more about Loto Labs by visiting our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrM4xktv4ok

Mouthpiece Update

We’re making good progress on the mouthpiece and airflow. Making a leak proof system had been a challenge and we’re continuing to test and prototype refinements to the system.

Aromatic Blends Update

We are pleased to announce major progress on aromatic blend vaping. The configuration of the aromatic blend susceptor is something that we’ve been working on for quite a while because we wanted to create something that vaporizes aromatic blends quickly and efficiently, and also something that vaporizes aromatic blend evenly throughout the capsule.

Since our induction core creates plenty of power, our first tests were burning aromatic blends within seconds (not optimal!). Other tests heated aromatic blends evenly, but took a long time to heat up.

Over the past few months we’ve developed a number of innovative susceptor designs trying to spread the heat evenly throughout the aromatic blends chamber, without compromising vapor taste or heat time. As you can see, we’ve had many evolving versions ideas along the way.

Our latest aromatic blends susceptor is a magnetic metal encapsulated in ceramic. This susceptor heats up quickly and spreads heat evenly throughout the chamber. The aromatic blends are only in contact with ceramic, so it tastes great. We are confident that this will make Loto Labs the quickest heating, best tasting aromatic blends vaporizer.

Peace, Love and Vaping!

The Loto Labs Team