How to Vape


  1. Remove susceptor from Concentrates/Liquids capsule.
  2. Apply material directly onto portion of susceptor wrapped in stainless steel threading*
  3. Place susceptor back inside capsule and into stainless steel insert tube**
  4. Add more material into the lower half of capsule around insert tube as desired, but no higher than the center of the capsule.
  5. Place newly-loaded capsule into Loto Lux induction chamber and replace mouthpiece.
  6. Follow usage instructions to apply heat.
  7. Enjoy your stay in Flavortown (or Tasteville, or Deliciousburg, or whatever you think is cute enough and not copyrighted)
  8. Note: Loto Lux is a powerful heat application device. The material will begin vaporizing immediately. For best results with concentrates, begin holding button 1-2 seconds prior to draw and continue holding as you draw

* Patent-pending thread configuration acts as an inclined plane for fluid material and facilitates capillary action. As material warms around the susceptor, it will rise up the susceptor and vaporize. No additional wick is needed.

** Patent-pending Tube Insert shields outer material from induced heat and preserves its flavor. Meanwhile, insert boosts the capillary action of inner material, and ensures that only the right amount is consumed per draw. As the inner material is consumed, reserved-outer material quickly replaces it via insert's flared base.


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