Loto Lux


Made with premium, high-quality components and materials, Loto Lux is the ideal, all-purpose vaporizer; a modern marvel of engineering and design.

Powered by patent-pending magnetic induction, Loto Lux distributes heat more evenly than current resistance vaporizers, requiring no contact with electrical components. Lux generates concentrated magnetic waves trained on your materials, to vaporize them evenly in seconds, maximizing flavor and satisfaction.

  • Greatest Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer
  • Revolutionary Heat Technology *
  • Best in Taste and Experience**
  • Potent On-Demand Vapor (vapes in 3s from ON)
  • Excellent Battery Life – Single18650 L/ION 3500 mAh--Rechargeable and Removable 
  • Dozens of Sessions in a Single Capsule
  • Designed and Assembled in California, USA

Induction Heating delivers pure, thick vapor with incomparable speed, taste, and impact. This technology breakthrough in vaping rapidly heats and cools material with the push of a button. Ingenious airflow design gives way to rich, abundant draws. Refreshingly easy to use. Enjoy your concentrate's greatest assets, while also conserving them like never before. The Loto Lux’s unique capsule system platform allows you to interchange materials, and load up for multiple, consistently mind-blowing sessions.


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