Still Heading to the Promised Land

To our friends and supporters,

As some of you who follow us on Facebook and other social media may already be aware, we’ve finally shipped our first Loto Lux vaporizers! We couldn’t be prouder of how the first batch turned out — the look and the feel, as well as the clouds, have all made us very happy.

We’ve managed to ship five units so far, with another 24 slated for this week. We’ll be using these first units for testing (all you testers out there, fill out this form to sign up to be a tester).

We sent our very first unit off the line to High Times Science Editor, you can see his review here.

As we test, we’ll be working to smooth out the final processes for mass manufacturing, that will enable us to make the leap into full scale production and shipping, i.e. the Promised Land. At maximum capacity, we should be able to produce ten of thousands of units per month (from Bay Area facility, but if we went to China, hundreds of thousands), but we have to walk before we can run.

The first few units have taken longer than we ever expected to roll out. There have been so many process improvements, and minor modifications needed, to make the final assembly more efficient, perfectly repeatable and scalable. Even though it’s been slightly frustrating and disillusioning for us, this is apparently normal for hardware at this “early” stage in manufacturing. Nevertheless, we take solace in the fact that we’ve reached a major milestone and full scale production is just around the corner. We’ve been through so much to arrive at this point, whether others feel it’s praise-worthy or not, we are unshakably proud of how far we’ve come.

We’ve submitted our Mobile App to Apple, and are anxiously awaiting feedback, and hopefully approval, for the iOS app store. The Android app is in development and will be soon to follow. With some of our first Indiegogo supporters already having received their units, as well as the Beta version of the app, we’ll be inviting each successive supporter to test the app once they receive their devices–assuming the app has not yet been approved for full public availability.

Many of you have requested video demos of the unit and more details. We are working on providing you all with some great content and a deeper look into the Loto Lux.  In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out this content and we think everyone will be excited about what they see.

We know that many of you are frustrated with the impossibility of immediately manufacturing and shipping all the units our supporters are due. We are frustrated by this too, but the best things in life, do take time. Our commitment to deliver has never been stronger, and Lux never closer, to being in your hands.

We’ll be sure to update again soon.

Peace, Love, and Vaping.

The Loto Labs Crew