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Vape Devices Gone Bad: User Error or Device Malfunction?

The rise of vaping has brought forth a whole new era of safer and healthier ways to consume your herbs, e-juices or nicotine.

Every year, more and more smokers are ditching traditional tobacco cigarettes for e-cigs, vape pens, or mod boxes. Given that studies have shown that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking, it’s no wonder the industry is growing so quickly. Not to mention it’s a heck of a lot cooler, sleek and stylish.

Now, as more states are legalizing the use of certain herbs, we’ve been given a whole new way to enjoy using various vaping devices with legal plant and flower extracts, oils, and concentrates.

However, new technology can often come with a bit of a learning curve. While vaping devices are getting more sophisticated every year, there are still some common user errors or device malfunctions you may encounter on your journey into the world of vaping.

But if you’re looking for a downright failsafe vaping device that provides a superior experience with your concentrates, check out the Loto Legend today.

Below we’ve compiled some of the most common errors you may encounter and what to do about them to help keep you vaping along smoothly.

Device Malfunctions and Troubleshooting

Dry hits/burnt taste

If you experience an unpleasant burnt taste while taking a pull off your vaporizer, this is known as a “dry hit”. In the case of devices using concentrates, dry hits occur when your vaping device runs out of material, causing the coil to heat up and burn some of the residue left from your last refill instead.

Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. Refilling your tank should eliminate the problem altogether. To avoid dry hits in the future, try to always refill before it runs completely dry.

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, dry hits aren’t really a thing and you won’t have to worry about these at all. In fact, many devices will shut off or notify you if it’s time to refill.

Spit back

If you go to take a nice drag of vapor and instead get a mouthful of the concentrated material, you’re experiencing what is called “spit back”. And it’s about as unpleasant as it sounds.

While some concentrates taste wonderful in vapor form, it’s not quite as pleasant in liquid form. Spit back is usually caused by overfilling your tank. Since the extra material has nowhere to go, it can end up in your mouth. To avoid spit back, we recommend filling your tank slowly and making sure you don’t surpass the maximum fill line.

Occasionally, overfilling can also cause your tank to flood. To fix a flooded tank, uninstall the tank from your device and wrap it in a paper towel. Blow any excess liquid through the mouthpiece into the paper towel then thoroughly clean the tank with a Q-Tip until dry.

When it comes to dry herb vaping, you can also experience issues from “overloading” or “overfilling” the heating chamber. With too much or too tightly packed herbs, heated air cannot appropriately flow over the surface area resulting in a weaker or less vapor volume.

Atomizer problems

“Atomizer Low”, “Check Atomizer”, or “No Atomizer” are all common atomizer error messages you might receive on your mod box. Since vaping is still relatively new technology, there are no standards set between brands yet, so these error messages could mean different things depending on the brand of mod box you have.

However, here are a few things to check when faced with atomizer fails. The first thing to check, especially when using a new atomizer, is whether or not your atomizer is compatible with your mod box. Check your mod’s ohm limits and make sure your atomizer is within the acceptable range.

If you’re sure your parts are compatible but you’re still having issues, the next step to take is to check the 510 electrode on your tank. Some devices need to be manually adjusted with a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the resistance wires.

Occasionally you may encounter a problem with your atomizer short-circuiting. This will usually result in an error message stating “Atomizer Short”.

If you’re unable to figure out what’s going wrong with your atomizer on your own, the best option may be to take it to your local vape shop and ask one of the experts there for help.

Top-tier vaporizers such as the Loto Legend don’t generally have atomizers so there’s nothing to worry about if that’s your go-to.

Leaking tank

If your tank is leaking, it’s best to find the source of the problem and fix it immediately. A leaking tank can cause all sorts of headaches down the road if liquid gets in your battery compartment or circuitry, causing shorts or battery malfunctions.

First, check if your coil needs tightening. A loose coil can allow liquid to leak. If your coil looks good, check for cracks in the glass. Hairline fractures can be difficult to notice, so make sure you inspect thoroughly. Next, check the O-rings and make sure none are missing or folded. If all of the above looks good, check the threading on your coil head, sometimes the threads wear over time, which might mean it’s time for a replacement.

If the internal temperature of your device runs hotter than the supported temperature, you’re likely to get temperature alerts on your device such as “Device Too Hot”. In the case of overheating, your device will likely shut off automatically. Overheating usually happens if you’ve been vaping for too long in one sitting. To combat overheating, simply shut down your device and give it some time to cool down before starting it up again.

Overheating with dry herb vaporizers can also be an issue, and there are generally specific temperatures at which you will experience the best benefits from your device (depending on the substrate you’re consuming).

Some vapes such as the Loto Legend are “smart” devices and can connect to an app that allows you to make adjustments and monitor performance.

Stay Safe Out there When Vaping

We hope you enjoyed this quick guide to what can go wrong with your devices. Generally, vaping units work quite well when maintained. But if yours is acting up, chances are one of the issues covered in this guide is the reason.

If you have any questions or concerns about a Loto vaporizer, please feel free to contact us.