vaping in public

Where Should Vaping Be Allowed?

Vaping is considered by some experts to be 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and when making the switch can drastically reduce the risk of cancer altogether. Whether it be oil, extracts, concentrates, or dry herb, vaping has generally been shown to be less of a health risk than their combustible counterparts.

Yet, despite the lack of evidence that showing that vaping is an altogether harmful activity, either for the user or as a result of second hand exposure, government and public health facilities are still favoring imposing the same rules on vaping as are on smoking, thus effectively placing them into the same category.

Many establishments and businesses are trying to pose a compromise that still allows for use of vaping devices under specific rules (such as in designated areas).

For example, hospitals are considering a special section that will allow people to vape in certain rooms and specific beds, noting that for those who are pregnant or attempting to kick their cigarette habit, allowing vaping in public is the safer of the two options. Some doctors and physicians are even recommending vaping devices as an alternative to smoking.



Some concerns that involve making vape devices a norm relate to a cigarette smoker’s argument that it is simply unfair; why should vaping be allowed in places that cigarettes are not?


Vaping may be a “trigger” for others around you who are trying to quit but are now tempted to light back up after seeing or smelling you vape.


Aerosols, metal, nicotine levels may increase in the air and cause negative health issues via breathing in these toxins. This is largely an unfounded concern, but further studies may need to be done to thoroughly tell one way or the other.


There will always be concerns when it comes to debating whether or not public vaping should be allowed. But, when it comes down to it, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at some positives of allowing vaping in public places.


Public vaping has been shown to result in an increase of productivity at work. The constant need to get up from their desk or take a “smoke break” will be eliminated if they can incorporate vaping into their workday. Further, some types of vapor substrates can even help boost energy, focus, and mood.


Smoking results in a whole host of medical ailments including but not limited to cancer, dental issues, respiratory problems, heart disease and high blood pressure. Heck, smoking even increases the number of colds you get each year. Making the switch to vaping can help to eliminate many current and future health risks that would otherwise cost smokers (and insurers) thousands of dollars per year.


Normalizing the act of vaping may actually decrease the popularity and social normality of cigarette smoking. As vapes become a social norm, even social smokers won’t be tempted to smoke a cigarette around friends or while out at bars.


Research shows that secondhand cigarette smoke affects a non-smoker’s health if they happen to be in the same area; for example, an outside bar. Vaping, on the other hand, has not been shown to demonstrate the same negative health risks due to secondhand vapor.

If there are no health risks to be concerned with when it comes to vaping, then banning public vaping should be a topic for logical debate and perhaps reconsideration.


As of right now, vaping is not technically outlawed or banned at a national level in public. However, some states have implemented statewide regulations regarding vaping in public and government offices and property. Further, some counties and cities have instilled their own rules and ordinances regarding vaping in public.

Here are a few tips to help you stay within compliance:

  • Read up on your local state laws to assure that vaping in public is accepted
  • Confirm with your employer that vaping at work is accepted in their policy
  • In social situations, ask employees is it is okay to vape inside the establishment in order to avoid conflict
  • Other public settings such as movies, malls, or museums require common sense. For example, watch that you’re not blowing smoking in the direction of other people or near valuable possessions.

When it comes down to public vaping, the advantages generally outweigh the concerns brought up by those who are skeptical. But, for now, respect the businesses and people around you while doing it.