Why Wood?

During our successful Indiegogo campaign we received many emails regarding the Loto Labs and specifically why we chose wood as the material of choice for our vaporizer. We understand why people might question this because with all of the latest hi-tech gadgets being released, practically none of them are made from wood. However, we still see wood as an extremely premium material and we only want the best for the Loto Labs.

Thinking more about the material of the Loto Labs made me consider the tools I use in everyday life. I collect antique tools because they are a pleasure to use. Whether they have a gorgeous wooden handle, or are made almost entirely of wood, the wood they used to make these old tools lends them a superior combination of feel, beauty, and durability.

Wood is comfortable in your hand. It is pleasurable in texture and temperature. It dampens vibrations, giving it a softer feel. If cared for, time and use will only increase the beauty of wood. These characteristics help create an object that you can cherish, that you grow fonder of the more you use it. The pleasure I take out of wood is not entirely practical. Every tree is different, and its story is written in the grain of the wood. Reading it connects you to wood as more than a material, rather as something that lived and grew and breathed.

With all that said, we at Loto Labs are excited to bring the timeless wooden pipe design into the 20th century with the Loto Labs. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!