Induction Vaporizers

Loto Labs Year in Review

This has been a long and tumultuous year for everyone and almost every industry imaginable. As a small growing business we’ve also had our own ups and downs this year. On top of the global pandemic, we’ve been dealing with vape-gate and working fully remote. It’s been an adjustment to say the least. However we have been working harder than ever behind the scenes (aka in the lab all 24/7) to take our technology to the next level. We have focused on R&D and development of our next generation vaping platform (while also filing a bunch of interesting IP along the way 😃).

There are so many benefits for induction, but without temperature control we couldn’t create the vaping platform of our dreams. The past year has found our engineering team miniaturizing the technology and refining our temp control algorithms, facilitating deep understanding of the complex interactions of magnetics and thermofluidics with respect to susceptor geometry. We expanded our engineering and science teams, built another lab, this time in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. We worked with some of the top testing laboratories around the globe, and used High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to analyze our vapor constituents. We proved with lab results the cleanliness of our vapor as well as the consistency and reliability of the vapor exiting our system.

The result of this effort: by the end of 2020 we had finished development of our hand held vaping platform and have developed four prototypes based on that platform. Called the LLE-series, we have vaporizers tailored for:

  • LLE – H / Heat Not Burn (flower)
  • LLE – P / Herbal Concentrate Pods
  • LLE – C / Open Concentrate Extract (like Legend) 
  • LLE – E / E-Liquid

We are making this platform available for commercial partnership and can’t wait to share it with consumers across the USA and eventually the world. It’s taken many years and several products but we are now more confident than ever that induction is the future of vaping.

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Peace, Love, and Vaping,

The Loto Labs Team